The MgHerring Group in Dallas, Texas - Constructed a faulty restaurant and did not fix the defects

The MgHerring Group and The Uptown Village Shopping Center. I became a tenant in 2009 only to a severely defected restaurant space.

The landlord oversaw the project and when I complained that I had no heat in the winter and no air in the summer and my electrical was faulty as well as residential toilets that didn't work or a hot water heater that was residential and did not supply hot water then I was evicted without repairs being done.

The landlord and management company are shrewd. They will super persuade you into a lease agreement but kick you out without remorse.


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I too am a tenent at Uptown Village and am very dissatified with the MGHerring Group's management. If a survey was made of the tenants about the mall manager, the most common descriptions would be "Useless" and "Dishonest".

There are some quality employees who work at the mall who do a good job in spite of the mall manager.

Many of us wonder how bad things have to get (i.e. how many stores are run out of business like yours) before they try a new mall manager who's priorities aren't local city politics and being in charge.

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